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Procedure Pricing

Select below or click on an area of the body where a procedure is desired. Use this tool to find a price and request a consultation.

Reconstructive Surgery

Cosmetic Procedures


Breast Reconstruction:
1st Stage, Bilateral, Placement of expanders $4000.00*
1st Stage, Unilateral, placement of expanders $2500.00*
2nd Stage, Bilateral, Exchange expander with implant $6600.00*
2nd Stage, Unilateral, Exchange expander with implant $4900.00*
3rd Stage, Bilateral, Nipple Reconstruction $3200.00*
3rd Stage, Unilateral, Nipple Reconstruction $2200.00*

Complex Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery:
Complex Septoplasty $3900.00*
Complex septoplasty with valve repair (breathing obstruction) $6500.00*
Forehead flap reconstruction nose, complex (ear graft) $5200.00*
Forehead flap reconstruction, nose, complex (ear graft, lining flap, septum) $6900.00*
Forehead flap reconstruction, nose, simple $4400.00*
Forehead flap takedown $3300.00*
Full thickness skin graft to nose $3000.00*
Large defect repair (cheek or forehead) $3000.00*
Small defect repair (cheek or forehead) $1500.00*

Hand Surgery:
Carpal Tunnel – under local $2500.00*
Trigger Finger Release – under local $1500.00*
Ganglion Cyst – under local $1800.00*
Tendon Injury $5000.00*
Nerve Injury $5000.00*

Skin Cancer Removal Charges:
Face, simple $800.00*
Face, complex $2500.00*
Eyelid/ Lip/ Nose, Simple $1200.00*
Complex $3000.00*

Breast Enhancement:
Breast Augmentation $6250.00 + implant*
Female Breast Reduction $12,350.00*
Breast Reduction Male $6500.00*
Mastopexy (Breast Lift) $8500.00 + implant*
Removal of Implants $6250.00*
Remove and Replace Implants $6250.00 + implants*

Facial Rejuvenation:
Blepharoplasty (one lid) $4650.00*
Blepharoplasty (Upper and Lower) $7700.00*
Browlift $9300.00*
Browpexy with Endotine and Upper Lid Blepharoplasty $8200.00*
Browlift with Both Upper and Lower Eyelids $13,500.00*
Cheek Lift (short scar facelift) $11,650.00*
Chemical Peel $2500.00*
Chin Implant $4000.00 + implant*
Earlobe Repair, One Earlobe $800.00*
Earlobe Repair, Bilateral $1200.00*
Facelift $14,150.00*
Fractional Co2 Laser, Full Face, Per Treatment $1800.00*
Direct Neck Lift $5350.00*
Otoplasty $6450.00*
Rhinoplasty $9300.00*

Body Contouring:
Abdominoplasty $12,350.00*
Extended Abdominoplasty $14,850.00*
Arm Lift $12,350.00*
Thigh Lift $5500.00*
Buttock Augmentation pricing upon personal consultation*
Body Lift pricing upon personal consultation*
Liposculpture or Liposuction pricing upon personal consultation*

Minimally Invasive/Fillers:
BOTOX® $12.00 per unit*
Dysport® $4.00 per unit*
Restylane® or JUVÉDERM® 1ml syringe $600, 2nd Vial is $400*
Restylane® Lyft $625 per syringe*
Voluma $800 per syringe*
KYBELLA® $700 per Vial*

Laser Hair Reduction (Prices are per treatment):
Arms $450.00*
Abdomen $350.00*
Back $450.00*
Back and Shoulders $650.00*
Bikini Line $300.00*
Bikini Area, Full $450.00*
Bikini, Brazillian $600.00*
Chin $150.00*
Chin and Upper Neck $225.00*
Legs, Full $600.00*
Legs, Half $275.00*
Neck, Front $275.00*
Upper Lip $175.00*
Full Body $1700.00*

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