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What is the price of surgery?

Office Location & Map

Rosato Plastic Surgery Center
Front of the building
Rosato staff
Waiting room
Operating room
Rosato MD
Consultation room
Examination room
Examine room
Recovery room
Waiting room

What is the price of surgery?

The Rosato Plastic Surgery Center offers an affordable option for self-paying patients with a high deductible or no health insurance.

Dr. Rosato established the Rosato Plastic Surgery Center in 1998.  The RPSC is licensed by the state of Florida as an ambulatory surgery center. Anesthesia if required is provided by board certified anesthesia. Dr. Rosato owns the surgery center so he can provide an economic price for your surgery.

Dr. Rosato performs cosmetic surgery, as well as reconstructive surgery. He does not participate with insurance companies except for Medicare and Champus.

The cost of your surgery, anesthesia, and the RPSC will be provided to you before surgery. You are responsible for your labs if required, medication, and any bandages. Routine visits are after surgery are included in your surgery fees. If the need arises for additional surgery there will be an additional charge. 

Commonly performed reconstructive surgery includes but is not limited to:

Breast surgery

  1. a. Reduction
  2. b. Lift
  3. c. Reconstruction
  4. d. Repair of reconstructed breasts
  5. e. Repair of severe scarring


Hand Surgery

  1. a. Carpal tunnel surgery
  2. b. Removal hand cysts and tumors
  3. c. Release of trigger fingers
  4. d. Treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture
  5. e. Tendon repair
  6. f. Nerve surgery


Skin cancer removal and repair

Scar revision surgery